Governance and Key Results

We operate on a corporate governance model, with a Chair and a Board of Directors which includes Trustees and Members.

Under our Articles of Association no director may receive a fee or any financial reward for their role on the Board.

If there is a surplus at the end of any financial year it must be used to maintain and expand the activities of Wag & Company.

Key Results

Tangibly making a difference is what we are all about.

Our objective is to grow to achieve our mission and to make a difference to more and more elderly people across our region.   The demand for Wag & Company's unique befrienders is very large and spreads from the border with Yorkshire right up to the borders with Scotland and Cumbria.  So many people needing that special friend.

Our overall target is to deploy 1000 Visiting Wag Teams across the North East by 2030 if we are to make a real dent in the loneliness problem in this group of people.  We are well on our way and this year's targets will be reported in April but look really achievable.

2018/19 Targets

As always, our targets are pretty ambitious considering we are still less than 3 years old..…

  • 265 volunteers
  • 42,400 friend visits since we began in May 2016
  • 1490 people benefitting