Our Ambassadors

John Mowbray, is the newly appointed High Sheriff of Tyne & Wear.  Past President of the North East Chamber of Commerce and retired Director of Corporate Affairs at Northumbrian Water.  John, who comes from Sunderland, is passionate about the North East region.

John Mowbray

In addition to his role as High Sheriff in 2016/17, he is involved with a number of local charities and organisations including the North East Cultural Partnership where he is Co-Chairman, the University of Sunderland where he is Deputy Chairman and also the Sunderland Music, Arts and Culture Trust, MAC, where he is a Trustee.

Wag & Company North East Friendship Dogs is a charity focussed on making a difference to older people across our region, bringing friendship, animal companionship and, over time, a change of scene. I am very proud that participation in our Just an Hour Volunteering scheme in Northumbrian Water in the 2000’s ultimately led the Wag & Co Directors to establish this new service in our region.  The Charity has already started visiting older dog lovers in their own homes in partnership with Age UK Newcastle, something that hasn’t been possible in the North East in the past.  I am hoping that dog lovers with a small amount of time to spare each week will come to support this Charity in numbers, making a really big difference in our communities.