What We Do

What we doVisiting “Wag Teams”

Professionally assessed volunteers and their dogs who are visiting in care or medical establishments as well as “at home”;  these teams are bringing the joy of animal companionship wherever and whenever it’s needed across our region. They are also in some cases accompanying them on outings.

Volunteer with a Volunteer “Tandem Volunteers”

These are older dog lovers who no longer have a dog, don’t get out as much as they would like and enjoy making new friends – also professionally assessed, they join with our Wag Teams to visit those who are less able.   Our first pilot takes place in Autumn 2016.

“Changing Scenes”

We know how much difference a change of scene can make – from just a walk in the park to lunch out in a beautiful place. "Changing Scenes" is our commitment to fundraising to organise outings and events and providing a change of scene for our older friends.