It costs £352 this year for each Visiting Wag Team.  Your support provides friends for older dog lovers in the community.

John Robson from Cramlington tells us why life is so much better with friends.

Loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Many people have lost friends and family as they have got older and at the same time they have found themselves unable to care for a dog any more.

Some are bereaved, grieving, profoundly lonely with failing health and desperately miss the friends they've lost, two legged and four legged; with Wag & Company they get both.

David Dawson, Older Person's Specialist, Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust says:   “My background is secondary care, tablets, doctors, treatment plans etc.  All very important to staying well. The work that you are doing in Wag is just as important, because when people are lonely and isolated, it is next to impossible to stay well.”

Case studies

Some lovely examples of Visiting Wag Teams helping to combat loneliness with a regular chat, a cuppa and that much missed furry cuddle.

Visiting Wag Team Debi and Poppy visit Joan in Newcastle City

We received a referral on the 23rd December for Joan who is receiving round the clock palliative care in her own...

Visiting Wag Team Gemma and Bentley visit Lynn in Killingworth

Mrs Lynn Brennan was referred to us in August 2018 by her GP and also by St Oswald’s Hospice because...

Visiting Wag Team Olivia and Kobe visit Ella near Durham City

Olivia and Kobe have been visiting Ella since January 2019. Ella has full time carers and a condition which confines...

Visiting Wag Team, Terry and Dotty visit Eddie in Bishop Auckland

Since November 2019, Terry and his dog, Dotty, have been visiting Eddie in his own home in Bishop Auckland.  Eddie...

Visiting Wag Team Rachel and Ballet visit Ron and Cath in Cramlington

Since November 2017, Rachel and her labrador, Ballet, have been visiting Ron and Cath in their home in Cramlington. Both...

Home visits

Providing vulnerable people with access to a dog and a friend again, wherever they are, is a very important thing to do.  But our home placements are especially important because without us, there is no other similar charity to visit and they would miss out terribly.

Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust refer to us and Julie Leddy, part of their Support Planning team said: 

“Referring to Wag & Company is a great way for older people, who would struggle with the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for a dog, to have contact with a dog and friendship with its owner. In simple terms, loneliness and isolation are bad for people’s health, particularly older people. With levels of loneliness among older people high, and forecast to rise, it is our duty as health professionals to open up opportunities for greater social interaction to help people to stay well at home and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.”

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