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Care or Medical Establishments

If you have been considering having a visiting dog team in your care or medical establishment, we hope we've convinced you of the benefits of friendship dogs and the amazing effect that they can have on morale and wellbeing.

Please take some time to read through our Frequently Asked Questions section which should cover many of the questions you might have – then complete and submit the Visit Request Form.

Visiting "At Home"

Unique to the North East of England, we arrange for Visiting Wag Teams to visit older dog lovers (65+) in their own homes who can no longer have a dog of their own.

We are only able to visit on referral from professional organisations involved in social care such as Adult Social Services, Healthcare Trusts, Age UK etc – who are prepared to carry out and/or share a risk assessment with us and attend the first, introductory visit with our volunteer.

If you represent one of those organisations and would like to arrange visits by our Visiting Wag Teams, please just complete the Home Visit Referral form.

If you, as an individual, believe our visits would benefit a friend or a family member, then we will still need the visit to be arranged through an organisation as described above and we will do our very best to help.

We never charge for our service but as we have no guaranteed income, if you value what we do and believe your loved one benefits, then we would be grateful for a donation.

If you have any queries or need any more information then just get in touch.