Frequently Asked Questions

How often will you visit?

Each volunteer will agree frequency and timings with you but typically we visit weekly or at least fortnightly.

How do you assess your volunteers?

Our full assessment processes are outlined here.

How do you assess your dogs?

Our temperament assessment methodology is outlined here.

Do you have health management protocols for your dogs?

Our volunteers are responsible dog owners and take the welfare of their dogs very seriously.  They have been made aware of our policy that they may only visit when their dogs are in good health, they must discuss any chronic conditions that may develop with us when we may require a letter from a veterinarian confirming they are fit enough to visit and finally they must use flea control and worm their dogs monthly.

Can you provide details of your insurance?

Our charity insurance policy is in place with Ecclesiastical and provides Employers Liability and Public and Products Liability Insurance.  Please contact us if you require any further information.

Do your volunteers wear a uniform?

Only by choice.  They will present themselves professionally, they will always wear photo ID on a lanyard around their neck and their dog will wear a Wag bandana and dog tag; their dogs will also always be on leads.

The photo ID provides pictures of the volunteer and the dog that have successfully completed our recruitment and assessment processes and it includes an expiry date after which they are not eligible to visit;  DBS checks are refreshed every 3 years and ID badges are reissued.

Are the volunteers permitted to bring a visitor with them on their visits?

Only if they have also been assessed as a Wag & Company volunteer and also have a photo ID on a lanyard as above.  All representatives of Wag & Company will carry ID.

Is it possible that one volunteer will visit with two dogs?

No, we will only provide Visiting Wag Teams, so one handler and one dog, supported by their ID showing that they have been professionally assessed.  We may have two handlers with one dog and both will have been assessed and wear ID’s, we may have one handler who has two assessed dogs and alternates them.  But this will all be discussed and agreed with you in advance.

Do you require us to provide your volunteers with any specific information?

Yes, we need to make sure our volunteers are safe on your premises so we rely on your organisation to give them a full health and safety briefing including evacuation protocols.  Other guidance including any restrictions such as eating areas or dogs on chairs or beds etc should also be provided.

Do we have to make any contribution for your service?

No contribution is required, but you will appreciate the costs associated with delivering our services and we would hope that if you feel that your organisation benefits from our visits then you would recognise that with a donation from time to time.