Our volunteers change the way their older friends feel about their lives and, the experts from the NHS Trust, believe they also improve their health and wellbeing.  We have no guaranteed income and we are totally reliant on the generosity of North East people, businesses and grant bodies.

In every spending decision we always remember where our funds have come from and the people who care so much about what we do that they want to help us.  Our responsibility to everyone is to be absolutely transparent about how we manage the money, ensuring, as we do, that every penny is focused on benefiting isolated, older dog lovers in our region.

It's also very important that our ongoing operating costs are kept very low and the funded office provided by Northumbrian Water and the time of our founding Director who runs the charity as a volunteer are key factors.  Our biggest costs are insuring, assessing and equipping of our volunteers as well as the paid staff costs of manning our office and safeguarding our visiting service.

There are different ways you can support us, through JustGiving – which requires you to have or to set up an account – or through PayPal – in yellow below – which doesn't.  If you would prefer to make a payment directly into our bank account that can also easily be arranged, just get in touch with us and we'll provide you with account details.  Thank you so much for your help, we just couldn't do it without you.