Gillian's Fantastic Fundraising!

Published: 9th May 2019

Gillian Henderson is a Wag & Company volunteer and a wonderful supporter of our charity single-handedly raising £000s towards our operating costs every year!

Look who visited our office in early May. Wag volunteer and best friend, Gillian Henderson, visits the Centre for Ageing and Vitality at Newcastle General Hospital with her beautiful Golden Retriever, Holly. She also sells cakes to her colleagues at work every week to raise funds for Wag & Company; absolutely amazing! Gill's latest donation, a huge £2,000, is the result of 4,285 cakes sold over 28 weeks at £1 a cake. Wow! Thank you, thank you Gill – we really appreciate everything you do – and also to Sharon for the fabulous cheque.. ♥️♥️