Home Visitors Diane and Eddie feature in The Northern Echo

Published: 16th August 2018

The Northern Echo recently featured our first Visiting Wag Team Diane and her lurcher Eddie and their wonderful friendship with Sheila Moody in Durham.

Diane and her rescue lurcher, Eddie, were the first Visiting Wag Team and they have been Sheila's best friends for the last two years. Sheila lives in an isolated village outside Durham. There is no public transport and due to her physical health, she isn't able to get out of the house by herself. Her husband passed away three years ago and her daughter lives in Wales and visits every other week. This means that Sheila could potentially spend two weeks without seeing anyone.

Sheila has had dogs all her life but after her last dog "Toby ", a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, passed away, she wasn't able to look after her own dog anymore; now she shares Eddie.

Diane and Eddie visit Sheila every week and Eddie loves to snuggle up for cuddles, biscuits and the freshly cooked chicken that Sheila prepares especially for him. Diane said: "I really enjoy visiting Sheila and seeing the joy that Eddie brings to her. She's originally from London, as was my mum. We lost my mum eight years ago and Sheila really reminds me of her, so it brings me great comfort too. Sheila is amazing. She used to run a pub and has some brilliant stories, as well as some strong opinions! Eddie loves her, too. He's usually quite timid, but as soon as he saw Sheila he was visibly calm and he enjoys cuddling up to her for fuss and treats."

Sheila said: "I look forward to seeing Diane and Eddie each week. I think Diane probably does far more for me than she should, but it's honestly appreciated so much.

The relationship between Diane, Sheila and Eddie is just one of many wonderful examples of the friendships that Wag & Company is enabling. There are many lonely pensioners who miss their friends, two legged and four legged; with Wag & Company they get both.