A little help for his friends. Wag Dog Finn makes a deposit at the (Pet Blood) Bank.

Published: 19th July 2016

We already think our visiting Wag dog Finn is a hero, giving so much to residents at Elm Bank Care Home in Hexham.  But Finn is also a blood donor, doing his bit for his canine friends.

As we know not every dog can make a Wag & Company dog – luckily, Finn, did!  It's his placid, friendly temperament that also makes him a suitable blood donor.

Every day hundreds of animals need blood transfusions. After his Wag and Company assessment, Ali knew that Finn had exceptional self-control and focus and would be able to cope with the blood donation environment and process.
Every unit he donates helps save up to four other lives.  Well done Finn you beautiful boy – we are so proud of you.

For more information about donating blood visit http://www.pfinn bloodetbloodbankuk.org