Our Supporters

Like any other Charity, we rely on people to believe in what we do, to trust that we will manage our funds effectively and to help finance our operations.

Newcastle upon Tyne

Our operation is efficient and the support of our founding partners keeps our operating costs especially low.

Nevertheless, our 2016/17 operating costs alone are forecast to be £24,000.

Through the financial support of our founding directors, partners and other supporters, upon launch in May 2016, Wag & Company had raised nearly half of the first year’s operating costs.

We are actively seeking more people, partners, donors and sponsors to get involved and to help us to make a big difference in our region:-

The need is substantial and to make a real difference, our goal is to have volunteers in every community across our region together making thousands of visits to older people each year many of whom are desperately lonely,  missing human company and the friendship of a dog.

It is achievable with a little bit of support from everyone in the North East, dog lovers, dog owners, individuals, businesses, large corporations – raising money, volunteering, sponsoring us, taking part in our walk, financing outings and the operating costs that enable them.


We have a flexible approach…

Donor benefit Donor options
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Letter of thanks
 Annual subscription to our e-newsletter  ✓  ✓
 Mention on social media  ✓  ✓  ✓
Invitation to our Annual Conference  ✓
Mention on our website
Mention on our website with logo  ✓
Logo on our website with link to your website  ✓  ✓
 Annual Financial Summary & Report
Designed logo with your sponsorship level for you to have on your website
Write up on social media about your company and the work you are doing with us
Write up on website about your company and the work you are doing with us
 Consultation on Wag annual budget and plan  ✓  ✓
Your logo on volunteer recruitment posters  ✓  ✓
Your logo on all tandem volunteers jackets/fleeces
Your logo on all Wag team jackets/fleeces/t shirts
 Your logo on all dogs bandanas
 First refusal on major event sponsorship (eg annual Kielder dog walk, annual conference etc.)  ✓

Get in touch to talk about how we can work together to make this happen for our region, we can do it!