Simonside Primary Year 5 Pupils asked : Can one person change the world?

Published: 22nd February 2018

Year 5 pupils at Simonside Primary School in Jarrow are looking at how small things can have a big impact on someone else’s life; “Can one person change the world”? They invited Wag & Company Super Ambassadors, Diane, Eddie and Sheila to talk to them today and Sheila told them how one person and her dog really has changed her world. She also told them quite a lot about living through World War II in the East End of London which prompted a big hug. Everyone had a fantastic time, especially Eddie, who received a thank you biscuit from each pupil. For each of the next 5 weeks groups of 8 children, and their teacher Miss Woodrow, will be visiting Hawthorn Court Care Home in Hebburn with Visiting Wag Teams, Mandy and Annie and John and Rio, to talk to residents and complete their project. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, particularly our Wag Teams and our very special Sheila Moody who Di & Eddie visit at home..