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Many people find volunteering with us a very rewarding experience;  sharing your dog with an older person is a precious gift.  Please read through our assessment information and then if you are still happy, just apply below;  you won’t regret it.

Please be sure to complete the correct application form.  Tandem Volunteers are people who are over 65, they can no longer have their own dog, but would like to visit with one of our Visiting Wag Teams to have a change of scene, chat to other people with similar interests and to enjoy the company of a dog while they’re doing it.

Volunteer as a Wag Team

Volunteer with your dog to become a Visiting Wag Team.

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Become a Tandem Volunteer

Over 65’s, who can no longer have their own dog, visit with a Visiting Wag Team

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Volunteer without a dog

Volunteer as an individual and support Wag & Company.

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