Dog Temperament Assessment

Once your application has been received you will be asked to contact one of our Assessors who is most conveniently located for you to arrange the assessment which will typically take place within 2 weeks. Find out more about our assessors.


Upon arrival, you may be asked to leave your dog in the car whilst arrangements are finalised.  Once you remove your dog from the car the assessment will have begun, there will be a dog in the vicinity, quietly under control, and there will be various different experiences presented including for example alarms, crutches, biscuits, crowding, rough patting, strange noises and behaviours by the Assessor and an assistant.  At least some key elements of the Assessment will be videoed and stored securely by us for future reference if necessary.

It will usually take about half an hour.  At the end, the Assessor will review the Assessment Marking Sheet with you and will let you know whether or not your dog has passed.  All being well, your application will then move to the next step, a DBS check.

If he or she hasn't passed, then the Assessor will give you some specific training advice and we hope that you will decide to have another go in the future once you've had time to put the advice into practice.