Is your Dog Suitable?

Our temperament assessment has been developed by our Animal Behaviour Expert Advisor, leading animal trainer and behaviouralist David Ryan.

Wag & Company

If you've had your dog for at least 6 months and if your dog is at least 18 months old, then take this quick suitability test to see if it's likely he or she will pass?

  • Does your dog enjoy meeting and greeting new people?
  • Is your dog comfortable with being handled by new people?
  • Does your dog walk on the lead without pulling?
  • Can your dog walk on a fixed lead using a comfortable, flat neck collar or properly fitted body harness? (No chain or half check collars are allowed).  It is possible to visit in a head collar if absolutely necessary, but dogs must be assessed without.
  • Will your dog "sit" and "stay" when asked?
  • Can your dog sit politely and accept a pat from a friendly stranger/s without jumping up or barking repeatedly for example?
  • Can your dog walk past people with minimal reaction to unusual noises or distraction?
  • Does your dog show little reaction to clumsy or heavy stroking?
  • Does your dog react well to unexpected or unusual noises?
  • Will your dog take food gently and leave dropped food when asked?
  • Can your dog walk past another dog and show no more than a passing interest?
  • Can you confirm that your dog has never bitten anyone?
  • Do you and your dog work well together as a team?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, then your dog stand a good chance of passing our assessment and becoming a Wag Friendship Dog.

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you may want to undertake some training before attending one of our assessments.