Walk for Wag 2019

Published: 7th May 2019

Our next Walk for Wag at Kielder Water & Forest Park will be held on Saturday 28 September 2019.

This will be our fourth walk, and every year it's got better and better. Last year saw the lovely addition of the Northumbria Police Dog Section and the Hexham Uketeers, and as always some of our elderly friends come up to Kielder to open the walks and to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the many gorgeous dogs that attend too.

By walking for us at Kielder each September, you are enabling our Visiting Wag Teams to visit more and more elderly people in our region needing friendship and the company of a dog.

Registration is now open.  https://www.wagandcompany.co.uk/fundraise/register-walk-for-wag/

We'd love to see you there!